8Steps to Improve Your Business

Profile At Swastindya

  • The business logo or the product image is important for your company. keep certain graphic elements that define your brand such as colors, fonts, and design, while adding visual variety.
    Brand Recognization
  • It is very essential to list your business in a right category as well as the subcategory. We always give our best to provide you the most relevant category for your business.
    Add Your Business in The Right Category
  • Write a description that directly speaks to your customer who are visiting your company profile page and products. The more rich your description, the better chance to establish a connection.
    Write a detailed description
  • Listing more products, services, deals/offers/discounts on products increases the chance of converting the users into customers.
    Add More Products/Deals/
  • Adding keyword increase your search visibility at Swastindya. Build your online presence by adding the social link of your business profile.
    Add Keywords & Social Links
  • Complete your business profile with at least 70% score, to stand in top businesses. Swastindya provides great features to increase your profile visibility in few steps.
    Increase your profile completion ratio
  • Use this feature to give more business details, add coupon code, CRM functionality, multiple locations, Manage Catalog. Upgrading your account can enhance your business profile effectively.
    Upgrade your account
  • Swastindya gives you the functionality to share your business profile over social media; Facebook, twitter or google+ with a single click. Social sharing is the most effective way of marketing
    Share it over social media
These 8 small steps could lead to bigger initiatives for your business by raising your business profile at Swastindya. When you have a business, you need to let people know. Swastindya is the online B2B platform which fits for your business. Develop a profile that stands out.